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Personal Update
Apologies, Statements, Legalities and Disclaimery Thingies

Update 27/July/11: I know I've said it before, but I'm really hoping it will be done this time :P Stories are (slowly, I know) being added to this archive, so please be patient! I'm hoping to finish this sometime this summer. Thank you for understanding.

Brief Overview: This archive will be home to my fan fiction and original writings; the good, bad and the ugly.

Important: Fics of all ratings, pairings and genres will be posted, so, really, you're on the honor system here. Be forewarned that there are materials unsuitable for minors (and/or people with weak stomachs in certain cases) and that if you access these stories you must be of legal age in your country. (Any adult-rated stories in this archive will be clearly labeled.) I take no responsibility for you or your choices but I hope you make the right ones.

General Disclaimer: I don't own any recognizable canon characters, situations or plots from any fandoms. I am not making any money from playing in the fandom sandboxes, but am certainly having a good time!

Quick Note/Statement: Because I've been told that it wouldn't exactly be truthful if I didn't include all the fics I've ever written, I've endeavored to add every piece of fiction I have written so far (save for some old and rather pathetic attempts at poetry). As unhappy as I may be with some of my older works, I decided to post them all anyway.

Acknowledgement of Past Wrongdoing: I am fully aware of the clichés, mediocrity, immaturity, instances of character bashing - sometimes really overdone, too - and at times, blatant ooc-ness that comes across in some of my older pieces. I freely state that I was not always an equal opportunity writer and suffered from the disease known as character bashing - something I regret most of the time, though not always. I would also like to point out that more often than not (in later pieces, at least) any character bashing was most likely a plot device and not an actual opinion towards the particular character.

Okay, now that the apologies, statements, legalities and disclaimery thingies are out of the way... :) I'll take my leave.

That's about it for now. Hope you enjoy the stories! And...on to the ficcage!
~Shay (untold_story, thewickedquill, LadyDarkling, Shana, jracklesfan77)

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