Mask by Shay

Good breeding masks true feeling.

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Written for the fiction_drabbles community on Dreamwidth Prompt #8, "Wish"

Disclaimer: The words belong to us all but the crafting is mine.

1. Mask by Shay

Mask by Shay
Author's Notes:

Characters/Pairings: Arden, Katherine

She fluttered her lashes, blushing daintily.

Arden warily regarded his dinner companion. Of all the women he could have been paired with, his mother had seen fit to place him beside the only lady he had not yet dismissed. Of course, he could not argue the megrims of fate - or his hopeful, expectant mother - in a room full of their society acquaintances.

God, give me strength, he pleaded silently, steeling himself for another evening of mindless chatter and simpering women whose sole purpose was to marry well and look pretty.

Forcing a smile, Arden took Katherine’s hand and kissed it.

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