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Dean's secret thoughts about Sam are different that you may have imagined.

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Genre: Angst, AU, Drama/Suspense, Season One
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Published: May 22, 2012 Updated: May 22, 2012
Story Notes:

This fic was written very early into the first season before anything was revealed about Sam or the YED. It is AU - yes, this means it focuses on Dean as the potential all-important one rather than Sam being the focal point. I kind of liked exploring this non-canon possibility, even if it is extremely out of the accepted and expected.

1. A Darker Side to Dean by Shay [Reviews - 0] (632 words)

A/N: My muse smacked me with a frying pan and told me to get over myself and give in. I haven't read any SN fan fic, nor have I watched season two yet, however my resolve is slowly crumbling. Bear with me and keep in mind that this is a flight of fancy and that I was in a somewhat darker place lately, which should explain the 'darker' side of the character.

A/N2: I've been told that my Dean is OOC. It's possible, if you insist on viewing it that way. Personally, I'm of the opinion that people often sound differently in their minds than in speech.

This story is from Dean's POV, in his mind. And if you think he sounds out of character, oh well. It was my plot bunny and I went with it. *shrug* Either way, I claim creative license :P

If you don't like it or think it works, you're entitled to your opinion. I only ask that you be polite with your comments.

Thank you for reading!