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A series of ten assorted character drabbles. Written for The Ten-Ten Challenge on Raising Hell. Genfics and character POVs. Angst, general, friendship, etc.

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Published: December 21, 2012 Updated: December 21, 2012

1. Break Someday by Shay [Reviews - 0] (100 words)

Character for this chapter is "Break". He appeared in s1x04, "Flushed". A fellow inmate in prison, he is also the proprietor of a pre-Pulse vintage clothing shop. Can belt a wicked "La Donna è Mobile."

2. Lydecker Pride by Shay [Reviews - 0] (100 words)

Character: Lydecker. This is also from/for s1x04 "Flushed".

3. Maria Initially... by Shay [Reviews - 0] (103 words)

Character: Maria. Appeared: s1x04 "Flushed". The young girl who lived in the Warden's private quarters. She tended to Max during her seizures and was later rescued by Max and Original Cindy.

4. Case Pretend by Shay [Reviews - 0] (100 words)

Character: Case Smith. Appeared: s1x18 "Hit A Sista Back". Highly intelligent young son of Tinga (X5-656) and Charlie Smith.

5. Sketchy Shift by Shay [Reviews - 0] (100 words)

Character: Sketchy (Calvin Theodore) Spoiler for: s1x01 "Pilot". Written for anyone who ever wondered what happened to Natalie post-Lydia.

6. Valerie Weak by Shay [Reviews - 0] (101 words)

Character: Valerie, Logan's ex-wife. Spoiler for: s1x06 "411 on the DL". Because I do believe she was sorry.

7. Max Reprieve by Shay [Reviews - 0] (99 words)

Character: Max. Spoilers: s1x07 "Prodigy".

8. Logan Guilt by Shay [Reviews - 0] (100 words)

Character: Logan. Spoilers: s1x08 "Cold Comfort" and s1x09 "Blah Blah, Woof Woof". After Logan tells Zack to look out for Max, G.I. Joe flings a couple home truths at our favorite cyber-journalist. This is in response to Logan's facial expression at the end that particular scene in Cold Comfort and the events of BBWW.

9. Asha Regret by Shay [Reviews - 0] (100 words)

Character: Asha. Spoilers: s2x12 "Borrowed Time".

10. Zack Mission by Shay [Reviews - 0] (111 words)

Character: Zack. Spoilers: s1x06 "411 on the DL", s1x08 "Cold Comfort", s1x09 "Blah Blah, Woof Woof", s1x18 "Hit A Sista Back"