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I'm a reformed Caffiend, 41, female, married plus one, no pets, no plants - and with a tentative hold on what little sanity I have left :) I am also trying to get my life into some form of recognizable order.

Off and on over the past few years I've suffered from varying stages of writer's block (better known as RMS - runaway muse syndrome) and comments are always helpful *hint, hint*!

I enjoy reading and writing fic - fan fiction or original. I play mostly within the Dark Angel sandbox when writing but I'll read from a larger pool. I have a pretty simple rule when it comes to reading: if it's done well, I'll take a chance on pretty much anything (at least once.)

I've been in the game since 2003 and only started branching out into original works in the past couple years. One day I hope to take it further than the few drabbles and ficlets I have authored.

Fandoms I have written for:

+ Dark Angel
+ Dune
+ Gilmore Girls
+ Harry Potter
+ Spooks
+ Supernatural

Anyway, you're here now - enjoy the ficcage and be sure to share your thoughts!

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Challenges by Shay
Summary: Ames White is appalled to learn that his father had authorized Manticore to store and use Ames' DNA in their experiments. What happens when he finds out that he shares blood with one of the Transgenics - and something inside of him won't allow him to kill him or her?
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